Karam Manovikas Sansthan


Transport Facilities

In School, there is an efficient transport system to ply students from different areas and Tehsils of Alwar. The school has its own and hired buses which are managed by the efficient and effective staff members of the concerned department who also hold the additional responsibility of arranging vehicles for visitors, for school picnics and for sending students to participate in various inter-school activities.


The library was established primarily to meet the academic requirement of students and faculty members. The library has a rich collection of printed as well as electronic resources including books, policy documents, magazines, newspapers, CD-ROMs, and internet facility. Any academic material suggested by the student or the staff will be arranged at the earliest. Trainees have to follow the library rules for the benefit of all. They are encouraged to display special education articles or any other material of professional relevance on the library notice board.

Co-Curricular Activities:

Our institute is a great sports enthusiast. We believe that "All we actually have is our body and its muscles that allow us to be under our own power." The trainee is encouraged to conceptualize and organize co-curricular activities. A committee shall be formed and one among the teacher trainee shall be selected as a representative. The committee shall organize sports events, cultural programmes, group activities etc. Facility for games like cricked, volley ball, badminton, carom, chess etc. are available for sports enthusiast. Also activities like excursion trips to nearby tourist places shall be arranged whenever feasible. It is also responsible for organizing literary and debating activities. We believe that learning should be hard work and fun filled.


  • Physiotherapy
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Speech Therapy
  • Sensory Integration Therapy
  • Behaviour Therapy